Playmate introduces new iGENIE

Playmate Ball Machines has introduced its new ball machine, the Playmate iGENIE. Playmate says the iGENIE is the easiest ball machine to use—simply choose what you want to work on by pressing a button.


For players, they can choose a “player level” (easy, medium, hard) then “select shots”—everything from rally balls, to short balls, lobs, spins, or more. Or, don’t select anything and the iGENIE will start feeding an “easy rally ball” straight ahead.

For teaching pros and coaches, Playmate says it’s easy to create drills. The pro just selects a “player level” then selects shots in order. For example, for a two-line group drill, the pro can hit Medium Player level, and then hit High Short Ball two times then hit Lob two times. On the picture of the tennis court, Set Directions for a two-line drill by pressing the button left of center and then the button right of center.

The iGENIE also includes iPLAYMATE Tennis for iPhone and iPad support, so pros can create and save drills, track workouts, compare results with others and more. Pros can also control the ball machine through their iPhone and iPad.

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