Pacific acquires Fischer Tennis

The global leading manufacture of Strings, Accessories, and Stringing Machines; PACIFIC Entermark GmbH, announced today the acquisition of the Austrian based Fischer Tennis, ‘Racquet Sport Division’.

PACIFIC Entermark GmbH in cooperation with the Parent Company of Fischer Sports GmbH, have collaborated in a positive way to insure that the new direction of Fischer Tennis Racquets will now be under the PACIFIC Brand name, and will retain the worldwide respected R&D developmental know-how and cutting-edge technologies associated with the Fischer Tennis name.

CEO and Executive Shareholder of PACIFIC Entermark GmbH, Mr. Marcus Schwarz comments: “I am happy to announce this exciting addition to the PACIFIC Brand! I’ve long respected the state-of-the-art & industry leading technological advances that Fischer has continually delivered to the Tennis Market - therefore with our purchase of all the critical aspects that made/make Fischer Tennis the strong performance brand well-known to player’s worldwide, it will insure to those loyal consumers that the unique performance features of Fischer racquets will continue — now only gaining additional performance strength’s with adding the expertise of PACIFIC.”

Schwarz continued:

“The current Distribution Network of Fischer Tennis is being inspected as to best fit into the PACIFIC worldwide sales structure. We envision a ‘cobranded’ product for racquets — meaning, we will always respect and proudly give just and due credit for the 35+ years of those Fischer technologies that will continue to be incorporated into the new racquets that now will be under the PACIFIC name - the; ‘Fischer Technology’ logo will proudly remain displayed on the racquets.”

The location for the daily management and logistics operations of the new racquet business will be in Hochdorf, Germany - together within the main offices of PACIFIC Entermark GmbH.

Healthy Current & Future Growth — Marcus Schwarz:

“We have done everything in the racquet sport world, except racquets. I’m looking forward to the new aspect of now having racquets. In the remaining business year PACIFIC aims to at once, show a continued healthy growth of the PACIFIC Brand with the addition of Fischer racquets. Even in these unique difficult times felt worldwide, PACIFIC has continued to grow - thanks in part to being our own in-house German Mfg, and that our Brand’s focus has always been very service-orientated. Now with the addition of Fischer racquets and technologies, we will be even stronger and able to service our Dealers and eventually the Consumers, with more diversity and additional top-quality goods & services.

The time for this addition to the PACIFIC Brand was ideal. We were not interested in just the licensee business with the Fischer Company - as this would potentially do injustice to such an esteem Brand. The focus was only to find an agreeable way to transition the entire technology and knowhow of Fischer Tennis into PACIFIC. Now together, we can collaborate as one Company/Brand for exciting new future developments! Starting in 2010, you will see the first efforts of this new Team and also an entirely new ‘radical’ approach, direction, and attitude of how to offer player’s of any level, the complete and symmetrical way to combine together from the very start, all of the proper equipment needed to play their best tennis.”

About PACIFIC Entermark GmbH

Officially established in 1972, and based in Hochdorf, Germany - having their exclusive own production facilities located in Germany, and New Zealand, the Company has long been regarded as the Global Leader in the production of tennis strings, accessories, and stringing machines. Numerous Patents, and industry ‘first’ have made PACIFIC the world’s leader in top-quality Products. Since 2007 they have been the Official String, Grip, and Machines of the ATP World Tour. The Company is currently distributed in over 50-Country’s worldwide.


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