Lee Tennis Court Products, the Maker of HAR-TRU, Endorses Wilson Trance II Shoe for Best Play on Clay

Charlottesville, VA — Lee Tennis Court Products (LTCP) steps up to endorse the shoe that’s best suited for successful play on clay: the Wilson Trance II. LTCP partnered with Wilson to provide tennis players the ultimate playing experience by maximizing comfort, control and slide for all players. Wilson Trance II shoes are tagged with HAR-TRU® labels to showcase the shoes’ compatibility and playability on clay court tennis surfaces.

“We are excited about offering players with a love for the game yet another chance to raise their game to new levels and to provide them the safest and most comfortable playing experience.” Randy Futty, General Manager of LTCP, added. “We are honored to have the HAR-TRU brand be linked so closely with Wilson, an American icon in performance racquet sports equipment.”

Pat Hanssen, LTCP director of sales said, “When playing on clay courts, HAR-TRU courts specifically, you want the ability to slide and pivot, but in a very controlled manner; the Trance II is the best shoe at balancing comfort and control safely on clay as well as all other court surfaces.” According to Hanssen, the Wilson Trance II provides superior traction with its full herringbone tread that wraps up the sides of the shoe.

Tennis players of all experience levels will find something to love about the Wilson Trance II, with its low-cut profile, ample cushioning with DST foam in the heel and ankle collar, along with plenty of stability for more aggressive players. As an added bonus, the shoe is made of washable material for easy cleaning after a clay court match.

“We’re happy that the Wilson Trance II received this breakthrough endorsement from HAR-TRU,” said Cory Springer, Wilson’s Marketing Director for USA Racquet Sports. “Avid clay court players need the necessary tools and gear to succeed and like Lee Tennis Court Products we are committed to providing players with the right equipment to play their best.”


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