PROGRESSOR NT Fischer’s Newest No Tolerance Racquet

The Progressor NT is the latest instalment in the Fischer Tournament line. Featuring No Tolerance (NT) construction, Fischer guarantees that each racquet is 100% identical in weight (300g/10.6 oz unstrung). Fischer is the only racquet manufacturer to offer identical racquets to the consumer. With a 98 sq inch head size, extended length (27.4 inches) and a slightly stiffer RA value (64) than traditional Fischer player frames, the Progressor NT will appeal to a wide-range of tournament-level players. Available in stores September 1, 2008.

Head Size: 98 in2
Weight: 10.6 oz /300 g
Length: 27.4 in
String Pattern: 16/20
Beam: 25/23/20 mm
Grip Size: 1-4
RA: 64

Key Technologies:

No Tolerance
Conventional tennis racquet construction results in racquets that vary in weight by as much as 15 grams (1/2 ounce) thus affecting performance. Through No Tolerance, Fischer has removed the need for after market customization and has refined the production process to a level unmatched by other manufacturers. Any player that carries multiple racquets in their bag will benefit from No Tolerance.

Vacuum Technology
The Progressor NT is manufactured using Fischer’s Vacuum Technic, creating absolutely stress-free conditions for production. During the prewinding of the impregnated fiber layers, the internal pressure of the Vacuum process draws out the trapped air. This makes the racquet wall stress-free and enusres a constant thickness throughout. The result is a homogeneous, ultra precise racquet with exact playing properties.

Air Carbon
The Progressor NT is manufactured using Air Carbon, an ultra lightweight and extremely strong, high-tech materail approved for the aerospace industry. The space age material guarantees 100% reliability with minmum weight.
About Fischer:
Since the inception in 1924, Fischer has stood for innovation and new technology. The headquarters of one of the worlds biggest ski manufacturers and world leader in cross-country skiing is situated in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria). Fischer offers a complete range of products in many sports from Alpine to Nordic sports, as well as specialization in Tennis and Hockey. Fischer has production sites in Ried im Innkreis (AUT) and in Mukatschewo (UKR). However, the Fischer brand is no longer associated with just sports. After decades of experience in research work, Fisher founded the company FACC AG (Fischer Advanced Composite Components), now a leader in the production of components for the aerospace industry. In addition, FCT (Fischer Composite Technology) has established itself with car manufacturers across the globe through perfection in carbon processing.


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