Ektelon Introduces New Ultimate Racquet

Bordentown, NJ — This summer, racquetball players will be introduced to new racquets from Ektelon that will raise the bar on the Company’s already proven and popular O3 technology. With the introduction of Speedport technology, these new O3 frames will not only be more powerful and quicker through the air, but will also provide further personal customization options, allowing players the ability to fine-tune and configure the racquet to meet specific personal preferences based on playing style.

In fact, with the O3 Speedport frames, Ektelon is delivering everything a player would want in one frame. Building on the success of its “Power Plugs” first made available in O3 introductions last year, players can now add plugs to the Speedports located on the side of the frame for increased stability as well as the top of the racquet for additional power. By simply adding or removing plugs from the top or the sides of the racquet, players can dictate weight, balance and power to achieve a racquet that feels perfect in their hands.

The new O3 Speedport frames will be introduced at an ultra-light weight of 170 grams but can be “plugged up” to achieve 185 grams, which will appeal to players looking for a more traditional weighted frame. Of course, depending on location and amount of plugs utilized, there are many weight and balance combinations available to players in between the minimum and maximum weights as well. Adding Power Plugs to different Speedport locations along the frame creates a variance of power level from 3300 to 3500. Plus the racquet’s DPR (Double Power Ring), provides an exceptionally lively stringbed by elongating the main strings to their maximum length.

“This is really an unprecedented offering - providing an elite performance frame that gives players the ability to personally customize their racquet to meet specific preferences,” said Scott Winters, VP of Indoor Court and Paddle Sports at Ektelon. “Every player knows what he or she likes and when a racquet ‘just feels right’. With the O3 Speedport racquets, now players can dial in the weight, balance and power until they arrive at the perfect combination - giving them the best chance to win on court. We are very excited to bring these racquets to market and have already received incredibly positive responses during our initial playtests.”

Already, two of the world’s top racquetball players, Rocky Carson and Rhonda Rajsich, have playtested the racquet and plan to make the switch in coming weeks.

“It amazes me what Ektelon has done with these racquets,” said Rajsich. “The introduction of O3 technology completely revolutionized racquets by providing incredible head speed for added power. Now, to take it a step further by utlizing Speedport technology and offering added power and stability benefits via side plugs is extraordinary. Really, it is like giving players the choice of hundreds of racquets in one awesome frame and that is completely groundbreaking.”

After playtesting the new Speedport racquets, Carson added, “Each player has his or her own preferences when it comes to the weight, balance and power level of a racquet. The beauty of these new Speedport frames is that you have the opportunity to customize a stellar frame to the exact specifications that best suit your game. Literally it puts all of the choices and power in the player’s hands. Also, I know that players are going to love the Premier Power string included in these Speedport frames. I have been using Premier for about a year now and I can it has definitely helped my game big time.”

The new Ektelon O3 Speedports will be available with the exact same frame specifications in two cosmetic options beginning July 1, 2008 wherever Ektelon products are sold at the suggested retail price of $300. The O3 Speedport Red features a bright silver base color with hot Ferrari red accents for a combination that ties perfectly into Ektelon’s total cosmetic scheme. For players that like to live on the edge, Ektelon is also introducing the Speedport Camo racquet might featuring never seen before desert camouflage cosmetics. This is one camo racquet that certainly will not blend into its surrounding.


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