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November 2009

Expand your Racket

Hey, remember us? We’re those other racquet sports. You know, racquetball, squash, badminton — even ping-pong. Sure, tennis has been getting all the attention lately, but we’re growing, too. In fact, in the same SGMA report that showed tennis... (Click here to read more...)

September 2006

New Racquetball Racquets for Fall 2006

Racquet Head size (in.²) Length (in.) Wt gm (strung) Balance (cm) Balance (in.) Swing wt. (RDC) Pattern (M×C) MSRP E-Force Bedlam Knife 150 107 22 186 27.25 10.73 125 14×16 $170 Bedlam Knife 170 107 22 193 27 10.63... (Click here to read more...)

September 2005

Climbing the Walls

While recreational participation for racquetball and squash isn't monitored nearly as closely as it is for tennis, officials for both court sports say the number of players appears to be rising, along with construction of new facilities. That's certainly... (Click here to read more...)

New Racquetball Racquets Fall 2005

Racquet Head size (sq. inches) Length (inches) Weight (grams) Balance (cm) Balance (inches) Swing Wt. (RDC) Pattern (M×C) MSRP E-Force • 800-4 E-FORCE Bedlam Super-Mains 150 107 22 186 28.25 11.12 124 14×16 $180 Bedlam Super-Mains 170 107 22... (Click here to read more...)

October 2004

Playtest: Head MegaBlast

Head MegaBlast is a new high-end racquetball string that comes standard in all Liquidmetal and MegaBlast racquetball racquets. It is the choice of five-time Pro World Champion Sudsy Monchik as well as dozens of top touring professionals. MegaBlast features... (Click here to read more...)



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