Simple Message to Serve As a Rallying Call for Industry Growth

Get ready for one of the tennis industry’s largest unified efforts designed to grow the game and increase the number of frequent players. — coming this spring — will serve as a “hub” for information and opportunities for consumers to easily get on the pathway to becoming frequent players. The relaunched website will provide consumers with the ability to find all things tennis, including teaching pros and coaches, programs, courts, retailers, playing partners, leagues and more.

This unified industry effort to bridge the gap between tennis providers and consumers will remain non-branded — focusing completely on connecting current and potential players with play opportunities and quality information to help them learn more about the sport and stay involved in the game. Frequent players are the key revenue generators of the sport and the key component to sustained growth across all industry sectors.

The simple and easy to remember URL — — serves multiple functions. “First, it will be the site to which all of us in the industry will point potential consumers as the primary source of tennis consumer information,” says TIA President Jon Muir. “Second, conveys the message of what we want people to do: play tennis!”

The USTA has made a major resource commitment to and is working closely with industry partners. A steering committee was formed of representatives from various segments of the industry to work with the USTA to guide and support the project. “The website is being developed as a non-endemic consumer portal by the USTA, TIA and other industry partners,” notes TIA Executive Director Jolyn de Boer. logo creative and web banners should be available by early 2012.


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