Revamped to Offer 'Invite' System

The newly revamped will soon be released, adding new features to help you grow your business and increase participation, including “Cardio Tennis Authorized Providers” and a clinic management system that issues “invitations” for your Cardio Tennis sessions. (Details will come soon about how you can register your facility or yourself to become a Cardio Tennis Authorized Provider.)

The Cardio Tennis invitation system, which will be available exclusively to all Authorized Providers, will help teaching pros and facilities more easily fill Cardio Tennis clinics. The system will help create and schedule Cardio Tennis programs online, then allow you to prioritize search criteria or email invitations to potential participants, along with determine how you want to market the clinics.

Your customers will receive customized invites to Cardio Tennis clinics and will be able to sign up immediately. The system also has options for processing payments from registered clinic participants.

Any web-enabled smart phone can be used to create and manage Cardio Tennis clinics. Because of the simplicity of the screen used to create the clinics, and the simple registration buttons available for accepting invitations and registering, both pros and players will be able to use smart phones or tablets to manage their clinics and enrollments. Visit


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