Retail Webinars to Help Grow Your Business

The TIA is committed to helping tennis retailers grow their businesses, and one avenue is through a series of free Retail Webinars that cover a variety of topics essential for running a successful retail operation. The TIA webinars are led by longtime retail industry experts Elliot Gluskin and Jay Townley of the Gluskin Townley Group, accompanied by the TIA’s retail liaison, Marty Mohar. Upcoming webinars in the series (both from 3 to 4 p.m. ET) are:

To sign up for upcoming webinars and to download previous webinars, go to Also, watch for webinar announcement e-mails from the TIA as the Retail Webinar series continues in 2012.

Previous webinars in the series are available to download for free. Topics are:

The TIA also provides a series of “Retailer Tips,” which are on, then click “Retailer Tips” on the right side.

In addition to providing assistance with webinars and retail tip articles, Gluskin Townley Group also offers other services for tennis retailers, including TIA Retail Assessments, TIA Mystery Shopping Program and TIA Retail Education Program. Learn more at


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