Plans For 2012 Tennis Show in the Works

Although Hurricane Irene forced the cancellation of the 2011 Tennis Show, TIA Tennis Forum and USTA's Arthur Ashe Kids Day, and weekend session of the Tennis Teachers Conference, plans are in the works for next year’s Show. Also canceled was the planned induction into the Tennis Industry Hall of Fame of coaching legend Nick Bollettieri, who was to be introduced by Brad Gilbert. Bollettieri will be honored at the 2012 TIA Tennis Forum for his contributions to the tennis industry.

The more than 30 exhibitors scheduled to be at The Tennis Show had their registration fee refunded, and the Grand Hyatt waived cancellation fees for hotel rooms. But even though this year’s event was canceled, the TIA would like to thank all of those who supported The Tennis Show 2011, including the following exhibitors. We hope to see all of them back for next year’s Tennis Show (stay tuned for details).


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