State of the Industry: New Report Estimates Tennis Industry at $5.6 Billion

In the upcoming months, the TIA will be releasing a redesigned State of the Industry report that will combine various research studies into a single document to “tell the story” of the tennis industry. Included in the report is an updated TIA Economic Index, which was developed in 2009 to place a “worth” on the tennis industry to the overall economy.

The 2010 TIA Economic Index model estimates the value of the tennis industry at $5.6 billion, which has an index of 101. The base year, 2008, has an index of 100.

The new report will be divided into four categories in an effort to give a top-level summary from the various segments of the industry that most impact the sport: The Economy and The Tennis Economy, Demand, Supply, and Competitive & Recreational Tennis. Tennis participation and playing habits are highlighted in the Demand category. The Supply category highlights top-level industry data from manufacturers, court contractors, tennis teaching pros, retailers and facilities. Data highlighting trends in competitive tennis at both the recreational level (USTA, WTT, and Collegiate) and the professional level is included in the closing section of the report (ATP/WTA Rankings and US Open attendance).


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