TIA to Lead 10 and Under Tennis Retail Effort

The TIA’s mission is to promote the growth and economic vitality of tennis — ensuring there is a positive economic impact for the industry. One of the most effective ways to achieve industry growth is through collective support for the USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis initiative, which has the overall goal of increasing the number of new, young tennis players and ensuring they start appropriately on the pathway to becoming frequent players and lifelong tennis consumers.

The USTA’s objective is to get as many children as possible playing tennis. The TIA’s goal is to work with the USTA to support the 10 and Under Tennis initiative in a way that will bring both short- and long-term benefits to all sectors of this industry. To that end, the TIA has assumed a larger role in supporting tennis retailers in 10 and Under Tennis.

On the 10andundertennis.com website — which is a key to bringing youngsters, and their parents, into the sport — the TIA will coordinate the locator for both online and brick-and-mortar tennis retailers. This includes supporting both a broad online retail locator function and also creating and maintaining an easily searchable (by ZIP code) database of tennis shops meeting minimum qualifications for listing.

One component crucial to the success of 10 and Under Tennis is the availability of a full range of racquets and balls, which effectively cover all ages.

As a retailer, what can you do right now to move the 10 and Under Tennis initiative forward and help your business? Visit TennisIndustry.org/Retail and register your contact information and retail store. After you do, you’ll receive a free 10 and Under Tennis Retailer Kit and you’ll be on our list to receive timely email blasts about future youth tennis retail developments and promotions.

The goal for the industry is to put young tennis consumers on the pathway to becoming frequent tennis players and key revenue generators — benefiting all sectors of the industry. Your efforts and continued support are vital to the sustainability and growth of the industry.

Register for 10 and Under Tennis Retailer Kit

After you register your retail business at TennisIndustry.org/Retail, you’ll receive a free 10 and Under Tennis retailer kit that includes materials to help you market and sell equipment and promote your business.

Once you register, you also can download this material.

In addition, qualified retailers can have their business included in a retail search locator that appears on 10andundertennis.com. (Details on this are coming soon.)


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