What Retailers Need to Know About 10U

1. It’s About … the New Rules for Kids 10 & Under

The ITF and USTA have mandated kids’-sized equipment and courts — that’s what all the buzz is about as the USTA and the industry get ready for a historic change in the way kids play tennis. The more retailers can help consumers understand this game change, the better engaged they can become with their customers and future customers.

You need to become a 10U resource in your community, someone parents can turn to for information, equipment and where to get youngsters into the game. Find out all you can about tennis for kids by going to 10andundertennis.com.

2. It’s About … the Equipment

Kids should not be playing with the same size equipment that adults play with. When a child learns with adult equipment, they develop the wrong techniques that will hamper their enjoyment of the game, and potentially turn them off to tennis.

Tennis Balls

Kids need a ball that is sized and paced to their abilities. (A yellow tennis ball moves too fast, bounces too high and is too heavy for kids.) For 10U tennis, new low-compression balls have been developed and are designed to move slower, bounce lower and travel less distance.


Racquets need to be scaled to size, proportionate in length and weight, and with a grip that fits smaller hands to give them more control, and therefore greater success.

Frame Size Height of Player Age of Player
19” Up to 3’ up to age 5
21” 3’ - 3’11” 5-6 years
23” 4’ - 4’ 5” 7-8 years
25” 4’ 6” - 5’ 9-10 years

36- and 60-Foot Courts

Many communities are permanently lining courts for 10U tennis, but courts also can be put down on driveways, in parking lots, gymnasiums—anywhere there might be some open space. If there aren’t permanently lined courts in your area, start the ball rolling—it will help ensure the 10U market is a vital part of your business.

3. It’s About … the Show

Create a 10U equipment area, showcasing the racquets, balls, portable nets and lines—anything a parent may need to buy to get their kids playing tennis.

4. It’s About … Developing Relationships

To grow the 10U market in your area, develop relationships within your community and with the people who deliver tennis.

5. It’s About … Becoming a 10 and Under Tennis Participating Retailer

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