Ten And Under Tennis: What Retailers Need to Know

With major investment by the USTA, the 10 and Under Tennis initiative will continue to grow, and with it, you have the opportunity to grow your retail business — and create players to help ensure future customers.

Retail shops attached to tennis facilities that offer 10U programming may have an easier time selling youth-sized racquets, shoes, the red, orange and green tennis balls and other equipment, apparel and accessories for kids. But if you have a standalone tennis shop, you can easily get in on the kids’ action.

Many parents looking to get their kids into tennis are players themselves, and now with 10U programs, parents can actually play with their children. Plus, when parents come into your shop, if you stock 10U products, it will make it much easier for them to get their kids playing. But many teaching pros and shops are finding that when kids get into the game, parents who don’t play may follow.

Kids’ tennis racquets are, of course, much less expensive than adult frames, but in most instances, the percentage markup is greater for the kids’ racquets. And the volume of kids’ racquets you can move can be tremendous. Plus, as kids age, you’ll want to “step up” their equipment, shoes and apparel, so you’re building customer loyalty too. And remember, in many cases, parents may want to play tennis with their children, which provides even more opportunities for higher margin sales.


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