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TennisConnect: ‘Components’ Provide Just What You Need

TennisConnect provides access to affordable, reliable customer-service functions such as online player matching, event enrollment, court reservations, group email and more. While you can still purchase TennisConnect in its “bundled” form, it has now been broken out into “components” that are far more cost-effective than “going it alone.” TC works with any existing website and allows tennis providers the choice to purchase and use just what they need.

TennisConnect building blocks

Available components include: Contact Manager and Find-A-Game, Group Email, eCalendar, Tennis Court Scheduler, Web Page Builder, String Center, Demo Racquet Center, TennisCollect, and Web Site Builder, with future plans for a league/ladder component as well as a Quickbooks-integrated POS software and hardware system. TennisConnect currently has more than 200,000 registered users.

You can connect with your players through technology starting at about a dollar a day. To learn more, visit Programs, Information and Resources

Registration, administration and fulfillment for Tennis Welcome Centers, Cardio Tennis, QuickStart Tennis and the GrowingTennis 50/50 Co-op Funding program are easy through the Growing Tennis System. With 4 million consumer queries monthly, more and more facilities are posting programs and information for free so customers can find them. Meanwhile, managers, owners and teaching pros are using the free tools and resources to help their businesses. Update your information, or register in the 20,000-facility database now, at

Growing Tennis For Job-Seekers & Employers

Attracting more young talent into this industry is a key goal, and the free Careers In Tennis website does just that. Employers—in all areas of the tennis industry—can post positions they’re looking to fill, including internships, and job-seekers can post resumes and letters. The site includes information and descriptions of jobs and career paths in the tennis industry, tennis teaching certifications and tennis management degree programs. The site is designed to promote more financially attractive and stable job opportunities and to create greater awareness of the importance of hiring only certified teaching pros.

Careers in Tennis

Cost of Doing Business–Facilities: Latest Trends, Data & Performance

Among the 80+ research reports available from the TIA is the bi-annual “Cost of Doing Business: Tennis Facilities” report, which provides a method for facilities to measure their performance against industry averages, identifying opportunities to maximize growth and profitability. Among recent data is the fact that average revenue per court is up 18% since 2005 and the retention rate of introductory programs for new players/beginners is high, at 65%. Other findings include average membership prices, both for tennis-only and all-inclusive memberships, have decreased since 2007, down 15% and 25% respectively. For info or to obtain a copy of the CoDB report, email, call 866-686-3036 or visit

Cost of Doing Business

Download the PlayTennis Widget

Put the PlayTennis widget on your website now, and consumers will quickly be able to find programs, places to play, retailers, demo racquets, game-matching, coaching and more. To download the widget, visit

PlayTennis widget

Facility Manager and Retailer Business Manuals

Business resources on include a “Facility Manager’s Manual” and a “Retailer’s Manual”—both free and available to download in whole or part. The Facility Manager’s Manual, written by longtime club manager Rod Heckelman, covers all the topics that a manager or tennis director needs to know about to effectively, efficiently and profitably run a tennis facility. The Retailer’s Manual organizes the experiences of many retailers to cover topics critical to running an effective and profitable tennis retail operation.

TennisInsure: Safeguarding Your Business

TennisInsure is a comprehensive insurance program created specifically for the tennis industry. Tennis facilities and clubs, employees, manufacturers, retailers, and court contractors can now receive industry-specific business insurance solutions with great rates through and Aflac. The TennisInsure™ Program will give you the opportunity to compare competitive rates and coverage from some of the most reputable insurance companies in the industry. Visit for a free quote.

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