Creating Frequent Players a Key Focus

Frequent tennis players drive the economic health of this industry and sport, accounting for more than 80% of all consumer goods and services sold. So it’s easy to see why we all need to increase the number of frequent players. But in 2009, while overall tennis participation grew by 12%, frequent players (those playing at least 21 times a year) declined by 3.4%, to 5.4 million. Related to that decline, total play occasions went down 6.6%.

The TIA, with its industry partners, is targeting the 24.7 non-frequent players, hoping to get them on pathways to becoming frequent players—and frequent tennis consumers. The goal is to grow frequent players by 7% a year, starting in 2011. “Building greater awareness of resources such as programs and pathways to help players get into tennis and play more, and of coordinated efforts such as 10-and-under [QuickStart] tennis will help us produce 7.5 million frequent players by 2015 and 10 million by 2020,” says Jon Muir, TIA president.


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