‘Components’ Make TennisConnect Even Easier

Now, it’s even easier to get exactly what you need with the tennis industry’s premier business software. TennisConnect Components provides a menu of “programmed functionality” that works with any existing website, allowing tennis providers the choice to purchase and use just what they need.

TennisConnect was developed to provide access to affordable, reliable customer-service functions such as online player matching, event enrollment, court reservations, group email and more. TennisConnect currently has more than 200,000 registered users and so far in 2010, more than 2.5 million online court reservations were made. While you can still purchase TennisConnect in its “bundled” form, we’ve also broken it out into “components” that are far more cost-effective than “going it alone.” Available components include: Contact Manager and Find-A-Game, Group Email, eCalendar, Tennis Court Scheduler, Web Page Builder, String Center, Demo Racquet Center, TennisCollect, and Web Site Builder, with future plans for a league/ladder component as well as a Quickbooks-integrated POS software and hardware system.

You can connect with your players through technology starting at about a dollar a day. To learn more, visit TennisConnect.com.

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