Tennis Is Again the Fastest Growing Traditional Sport

Last year, the annual survey of sports participation in the U.S. showed impressive results for tennis. This year, though, the news is even better for the sport.

The latest “Sports, Fitness and Recreation Participation Overview Report” by the Physical Activity Council, which came out in mid-March, shows that from 2000 to 2009, tennis was again the fastest growing traditional participation sport in the U.S., but now by an even wider margin. The survey (which in past years was put out by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association) says tennis grew by 43% in that nine-year period, far outdistancing its nearest rival, racquetball, which grew by 2%.

Tennis and racquetball were the only sports to show an increase in participation; all other sports lost participants since 2000. The third best showing, soccer (which had shown a slight increase in 2008), was down 2%, followed by golf and fishing, each down 6%, then basketball, down 8%.


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