Let TennisConnect ‘Pick & Click’ Enhance Your Shop

Now tennis retailers can add the power of manufacturers’ branding to their store’s websites. One of the unique features of the TennisConnect software is the new “Pick & Click” content editor. Available at the TennisConnect Retailer level, Pick & Click is one of the easiest ways to add manufacturer-approved content to your website, and to drive consumer sales to your store.

In the website builder’s Pick & Click Editor, you can choose from a menu of items — widgets, templates, design elements, logos and major manufacturer-branded messages — that you simply click on. The items you choose go into the “page builder” section, then just hit “update” and it’s automatically put on your website.

Pick & Click is user-friendly and the content is constantly updated as new products, promotions and campaigns come out. Importantly, product sales on your website are then fulfilled in person only, at your retail location, allowing even more chances for additional sales.

TennisConnect produces over 10,000 web pages and generates 3.2 million page views per month. The average Tennis Connect Retailer site receives 8,000 page views per month. If you are a retailer or manufacturer, please contact Marty Mohar at marty@tennisindustry.org or 843-686-3036 x.227.


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