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One of the greatest advantages to the GrowingTennis™ System is the Online Enrollment and Quick Sign-Up options, which allow you to post events to popular websites such as,,,, and, all for free. In addition, by using Online Enrollment and Quick Sign-Up, customers can sign-up for your programs and events at any time, from anywhere. There even are options for fee collections online, too, through

To begin using Online Enrollment and Quick Sign-Up, log in to and follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure your facility information is up-to-date.
  2. Click the “Publish Events” tab and choose the facility for which you wish to create an event listing.
  3. Choose “Current Season” tab, then “Add Event Schedule 1.” (Note: This process is the same for all event types.)
  4. Input the required event information.
  5. By leaving “Allow quick sign-ups” selected (by default) in the “Event notification and sign-up options” section, players who reach your postcard can click an enrollment link that will send you an e-mail about their interest.
  6. You can continue and include an event description, then click “Save Event” to publish it and be “live” for Online Enrollment and Quick Sign-Up.

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