Tennis Health Index Shows Growth

As announced at the TIA Tennis Forum during the US Open, since 2003 the Tennis Health Index has risen 18.1 percent. Published by the TIA and USTA, the index uses five different elements to measure the health of the sport, and each of those elements has shown growth in the past year.

In the USTA/TIA Tennis Participation Phone Survey, total players rose from 25.23 million in 2007 to 26.88 million, and frequent players rose from 5.2 million to 5.62 million. A mail survey by the National Sporting Goods Association rose from 12.3 million to 12.8 million players. And the Sports Participation Partnership Survey shows an increase in the past year from 16.9 million to 18.6 million players.

The other two measures are the Court Activity Monitor, which shows that more than 152 million court-hours were booked or used in 2008 vs. 137 million in 2007, and Tennis Ball Shipments, which rose 16 percent since 2003 to 131.9 million.


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