Players of the Month: Ned Manning and Armistead Mauck

Cardio Tennis has become a favorite family pastime for two families in Kinston, N.C., thanks to two fathers and tennis buddies who are dedicated to the program. Ned Manning (left) and Armistead Mauck are known as regulars at the nightly Cardio Tennis classes at Kinston Country Club, but they also bring out their entire families — and friends of the family.

“Whoever is in the house an hour before Cardio Tennis class starts will be coming with these men to burn some calories,” says Troy Robinson, director of tennis at KCC.

Manning a 4.5-level player, has 15-year-old twin daughters who play recreationally but are not at his same level. For him, this is a way they can all be on the court together and have a good time. “Cardio Tennis is fun for everyone,” he says. “It’s great to see them having fun and with a smile on their face. It’s good bonding time for us.”

Mauck, who has 15- and 17-year-old daughters, agrees, and sometimes turns the Cardio Tennis evening into a family night out. “A lot of times we will all go out to eat afterward and we really feel like we deserve it after the workout,” says Mauck.

Both men used to hit the gym to lift weights and run on the treadmill before they began playing Cardio Tennis. “I couldn’t think of a better way to work out for an hour than with Cardio Tennis,” says Manning.


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