Cardio Tennis Player of the Month: Dr. Julie Hollifield

Up until two years ago, Dr. Julie Hollifield, 38, had never played tennis. Then a friend bought her a series of tennis lessons as a gift. On the first day, she saw Cardio Tennis on a nearby court. “I saw them running around and playing with the up‐beat music,” she says. “It just looked like so much fun, I immediately signed up for the next class.” And it only took one class to get her completely hooked.

Dr. Julie Hollifield

Now a 3.5 player, Hollifield participates in Cardio Tennis at Serendipity in Sarasota, Fla., five times a week and has dropped close to 25 pounds in the process. “I’m losing weight without even realizing it. It’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise—more like recess for adults,” says Hollifield, who burns from 450 to 650 calories every class. “I’ve never been so fit before. I run across the street and realize that I’m not out of breath anymore.”

Hollifield has also noticed a tremendous improvement in her footwork and level of play. Not only has her rating improved in just a year of Cardio, but also, she’s taking everything she does in her Cardio classes onto the competitive court. “I’ll be playing a match and hit a few shots and think to myself, ‘That is just what we did in Cardio Tennis yesterday.’”

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