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In April, the TIA board of directors met to discuss the impact of the economy on tennis businesses. One of the developments was to establish a task force to focus on ways to stimulate the marketplace. From that, “Racket Up, America!” was created, and it evolved over the next month as a way to help drive traffic to retailers, create consumer awareness and excitement around tennis, and carry on the positive momentum that this sport has been experiencing.

But this is only a part of the TIA’s “roadmap” to work together with all the stakeholders of tennis to grow our sport and businesses. In addition to the Economic Growth task force, the board also formed task forces for Frequent Player Growth and Communications/Positioning — key areas vital to all businesses in tennis, and over the next several months, we will continue to meet as a group to further define the work needed. And as we move ahead, we ask for your involvement and support — and to urge everyone to Racket Up … Support Your Local Retailer or Pro Shop!


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