Getting Kids Hooked on Tennis With the QuickStart Format

Paul Allam has been using a format similar to QuickStart Tennis for teaching tennis to youngsters since 1983, when he was a physical education student in his home country of Scotland. So when the USTA developed the QuickStart Tennis format, Allam had no hesitation in using it at the Pacific Athletic Club in Northern California, where he now has more than 200 kids participating in his program.

Allam, who has taught tennis all over the world, is hoping that by using QuickStart, more kids will play tennis and stick with the sport.

“If we’re increasing the base of tennis players at the younger age groups, we’re going to see amazing stuff five to 10 years from now,” he says. “If we keep getting as many coaches as possible trained in the QuickStart Tennis format, U.S. tennis will reap the benefits down the road.”

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