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As the trade association for our sport, we’re dedicated to making this industry strong and increasing tennis participation — so all businesses grow and prosper. And, together with our industry partners, we put 100% of our resources back into supporting and growing tennis. Since 1995, the TIA has been involved in grow-the-game activities and image campaigns and has kept the industry positively focused on working together so tennis remains the No. 1 traditional participation sport.

Member Levels:

  1. Individual ~ Industry Supporters
  2. Associate ~ Retailers, Facilities, Court Contractors
  3. Tennis Connect ~ Facilities, Retailers ~ Manage Business Online
  4. Supporting ~ Businesses, Companies, Major Retailers
  5. Affiliate ~ Allied Organizations, Federations, Groups
  6. Participating Partner ~ Manufacturers and Contributors

Step up to Participating Partner

Step up to Affiliate Member ($3,000)

Step up to Supporting Member ($1,000+)

Step up to Tennis Connect ($595+)

Step up to Associate Level ($295)

Individual Level ($100 / $500 lifetime)

Note: Each level includes TIA Affinity Benefits

The benefits of TIA membership

  Individual members Associate members Tennis Connect Supporting members Affiliate members Participating members
TIA Affinity Benefits
TIA Merchant Card Services
TIA Advantage / Shipping / Insurance
Advertising / Media Discounts
Websites (secure research access and industry news)
Tennis Health Index
Full Report / Participation
Executive Summary
The Tennis Marketplace
Executive Summary
Cost of Doing Business Reports
Tennis Retailers
Tennis Facilities
Tennis Courts
Specialty Retail Audit
Full Report: Racquets
Full Report: Footwear / Strings
Retailer Satisfaction & Brand Perception
Full Report: Racquets / Footwear
Full Report: Strings / Apparel
Consumer Reports
Full Report: Racquets / Footwear / Strings / Apparel / Balls
Census Reports
Racquets / Balls / Strings / Racquetball
Facilities Database
TWC and CT sponsor offers
U.S. Tennis Facilities
Media / Retailers / Industry Contacts

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