Let TennisConnect Retailer Boost Your Sales

Are you a tennis retailer or pro shop manager? Then you need to check out the new TennisConnect Retailer, a comprehensive service that will enhance your website with an online catalog, racquet demo center, and string center, along with all of the other unique functions of the popular TennisConnect.


With TennisConnect Retailer, you can set up an online catalog designed to showcase the brands you promote and help drive sales to your pro shop or specialty store. You can also create a Demo Racquet Center to promote and track your available demos, know who they’ve been issued to, and when they are due back. And you can opt to make demos available for customers to reserve online.

The online String Center automates the restringing process and has a thorough tracking and documentation system that includes racquet receipts, overdue alerts, and automatic restringing reminders. With TennisConnect Retailer, all pro shops and retailers can now leverage the economies of scale that come with a centrally maintained storefront, access to manufacturer-supplied branded plug-ins, and “pick & click” editing, all while publishing through their own website domain.

TennisConnect Retailer also comes with all of the original functions of TennisConnect, aimed to help facility operators and managers increase play frequency, which include the court scheduler, group email/contact manager, e-calendar, website builder, and online player matching.

To learn more about TennisConnect Retailer, visit www.tennisconnect.org. To get a free demo, contact Lindsey at 843-686-3036 x 227 or Lindsey@TennisIndustry.org.


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