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In Macon, Ga., parents are enrolling their kids in QuickStart Tennis at John Drew Smith Tennis Center at all hours. That’s because the city uses a special online enrollment program run through TennisConnect, a website builder designed specifically for the tennis industry.

“With this program, the shop is always open,” says Carl Hodge, tennis manager and head pro for the city. “Parents can register their kids when it’s convenient for them.”

Hodge brought QuickStart Tennis to local elementary schools and introduced tennis to kids at assemblies and demonstrations. The kids then brought fliers home to parents, prompting them to go online to find out more about QST and pre-register. In 10 days, 144 kids had been registered online — and nearly half the registrations took place after normal business hours.

As any tennis pro knows, 144 kids in a program can turn into a big administrative headache. But Hodge has it under control. “Without this online system, I don’t know how it could be done,” he says. “It would be too costly and time-consuming. But now the parents are doing all the work for us.”


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