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A recent meeting at the USPTA World Conference included a candid discussion on our “graying” tennis industry and the need to attract younger talent into the business, not only on the teaching front, but in all areas. Many groups have recognized this need, and many (including the USTA, USPTA, PTR, ITA and others) already are actively engaged in these efforts.

To help get us all working collectively to address this issue — and over time bring changes that will assure our sport as a vital, attractive and competitive career choice — the TIA is spearheading an awareness campaign and a “Careers in Tennis” initiative. The RSI story on page 22 helps to lay out this issue. Other initial steps involve fact-finding and research, pulling together our existing resources and identifying the best pathways for this progress to occur.

You can help in this industry-wide initiative by going to and posting suggestions and comments in the forum. The site also will have progress reports on the campaign.

We look forward to your input and support as we work together to attract and develop future generations who will carry our sport forward.


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