CT Player of the Month: Mike Woody

Three years ago, Mike Woody, executive director at the Midland (Mich.) Community Tennis Center, was pushing 232 pounds and was frustrated with the way he looked. He played tennis three hours a week but was still gaining weight. A few months later he attended the USPTA World Conference and tried a Cardio Tennis class. After an hour of fun drills and play, his heart-rate monitor told him he burned 870 calories. “My first reaction was, ‘No way!’” says Woody.

Now, he’s lost more than 50 pounds and burned 881,235 calories doing Cardio Tennis. His goal is to burn a million calories by the end of the year.

“My players have been amazed at all the great health and game benefits Cardio Tennis delivers,” says Woody.

Do you or someone you know have what it takes to be Cardio Tennis Player of the Month? E-mail your story to Amanda@tennisindustry.org. If your story is featured, you will win a Cardio Tennis Survival Kit.


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