CT Player of the Month: Christine Schueller

Christine Schueller first read about Cardio Tennis two years ago in a tennis publication, then she visited the CT website to find a facility that offered it in her area. Despite having to drive half an hour, after her first CT clinic Schueller knew this was a program she wanted to continue.

Two years later, Schueller has lost more than 40 pounds and not only feels better about herself, but her tennis game has improved as well.

She begged the pros at her local club in Dana Point, Calif., to begin a CT program, but had no success. So she received her USPTA certification so she could teach it herself. Her first class in May was a huge success. “It’s such an amazing feeling to have people get excited about the way they are hitting the ball and moving faster on the court as a result of taking Cardio Tennis,” she says.


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