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Our favorite time of the year! The US Open in our backyard … plus all the surrounding action including the TTC, TIA Tennis Forum and celebration of the industry’s new Hall of Fame.

With several key initiatives under way, we are pleased to report that the number of facilities participating continues to grow—TWCs are at 2,345; Cardio Tennis sites, 1,669; and QuickStart Tennis sites, 820 — as does the traffic for both Consumers and Providers through the website

And while the economy is challenging, there are many new tools and services to help save you money. Online enrollment, TennisInsure, TennisConnect, just to name a few, have already helped hundreds of businesses with their bottom line.

As always, thanks for your support and involvement!

To find out about getting a copy of The Tennis Marketplace, visit or call toll-free 866-686-3036.


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