Chicago Cardio Tennis Group Sheds 45 Pounds In 90 Minutes

Chicago’s Midtown Tennis Club was the scene of a Cardio Tennis extravaganza in May for 176 beginning players. On average, each participant burned about 900 calories in 90 minutes — for the group, that was the equivalent of shedding about 45 pounds.

The fun but intense Cardio Tennis workout took place on 18 of Midtown’s courts. “All of the courts were in unison, doing the exact same drills at the same time,” says Butch Staples, head tennis professional at Midtown. “It looked very synchronized and orchestrated and that added to the impact. It made people feel like they were part of a big happening.”

Midtown was one of the first facilities in the U.S. to offer Cardio Tennis when the program was created by the TIA in 2004. “When we started the program, we offered a month of free Cardio Tennis to get people hooked. We held classes nine times a week,” Staples says. “Now we charge $16 a class and offer 20 classes a week. About 200 people participate in Cardio Tennis every week.”

Healthier, Happier and Hooked

June Woodward has been a Cardio Tennis regular at Chicago’s Midtown Racquet Club since the program started four years ago. In that time, the 63-year-old Australian native has lost 103 pounds!

“I started off doing Cardio Tennis when I was overweight and it inspired me to want to get quicker on the court,” she says. “I like the program because you can do the tennis that you like but it’s also a really fun workout. I am now much faster and I feel much better doing it.”

Woodward is just one of many Cardio participants who has seen a remarkable change in their fitness. “I was just hooked,” she says. “And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

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