QuickStart Tennis and Cardio Tennis With Tracy Austin

Five Lifetime Fitness facilities in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area promoted both Cardio Tennis and the QuickStart Tennis format for kids in May, attracting more than 500 participants and a lot of local media attention.

Michele Krause, National Cardio Tennis Program Manager, also ran a training session for 30 Lifetime Fitness pros, then Tracy Austin and Krause ran Cardio Tennis clinics and QuickStart Tennis events for consumers at the facilities.

“Thank you for such a great experience,” wrote Mike Laurel, a tennis pro with Lifetime Fitness. “These two days were absolutely awesome! I’m not really a person that needs to be motivated or pumped up to teach tennis, since I really love it, but Michele and Tracy did just that for me. I’m motivated to the max and ready to show people how extremely awesome Cardio Tennis is!”


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