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Grassroots Initiatives:

Want a surefire way to increase your business, at absolutely NO COST to you? As a facility or retailer, you can list your information and programs on key consumer websites FOR FREE so that players and customers can easily find you.

In January, more than 1.9 million consumer queries were made to the informational "postcards" found on,,,, and other websites as consumers searched for a match, facility, instructional program, pro shop, etc. All facilities and retailers can go on to input and update their information for free. That information is then accessible through the various consumer websites.

Also, you can register for QuickStart Tennis and the No-Cut High School Coach initiative through, plus receive free marketing and promotional material. Online enrollment options for your tennis programs also are available, and a soon-to-be-released racquet demo tracking system will be offered for free to all Tennis Welcome Centers.

Expand Your Knowledge

TIA Member Support

Since January the TIA welcomed 37 new members at a variety of membership levels. Go to to see the new members listing, and also to search for retailers, facilities, manufacturers, media and court contractors in your area.

TIA and the ASBA Expand Partnership

The TIA is helping to bring expanded benefits, services and research to the court construction segment of the industry.

Current members of the American Sports Builders Association can receive a complimentary TIA Individual Membership with their membership in the ASBA. In addition, they can upgrade to the Associate Member level — through a half-price offer — $195. At the Associate Member level, court contractors and facility designers will enjoy expanded research offerings that include the Tennis Marketplace Report twice a year, the Tennis Health Index, Hot Leads Report, Exclusive Cost of Doing Business Report for Court Contractors (proposed research for 2008), and the Court Construction/Renovation Monitor (proposed for 2008).

Upgrading to the Associate Member level-through our half-price offer-may make sense for your growing business. All members receive discounts through TIA Merchant Card Services; shipping, travel, insurance and publication discounts; public relations and media service; and newsletters, along with a searchable listing on TIA websites (with an ASBA membership flag).

To choose either membership level, visit and use the access code ASBA.


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