Growth Continues Throughout the Tennis Industry

Tennis is continuing to show growth in many areas. Figures released by the USTA and TIA during the US Open, and shared with the industry during the inaugural TIA Tennis Forum in August (see page 17), show that trends are consistent across several categories of tennis equipment sales, and represent more than three years of continuous growth.

Some key Tennis Industry sales highlights (source: TIA census report) include:

Tennis Health Index

Also, the industry has created a “Tennis Health Index,” which will help to provide a variety of data on the overall state of tennis in the United States. The Tennis Health Index will combine a variety of tennis research sources in order to provide a series of checks and balances, rather than relying on a single measure.

The Tennis Health Index will be comprised of the following barometers:

“Rather than using our USTA/TIA participation study as the sole barometer of growth, we will look at a variety of measures which will better enable us to see trends from year to year,” says Kurt Kamperman, the USTA’s chief executive of Community Tennis.

“The Tennis Health Index will be a tool that the tennis industry uses to proactively monitor the key components that will help tennis continue to grow in the years to come,” says TIA President Dave Haggerty.


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