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With more than 1,600 Cardio Tennis sites in the U.S. to date, the program continues to get great press and media attention—and it continues to bring in revenue for facilities. In 2006, more than 100 news and feature stories appeared, 20 TV stations ran stories on Cardio Tennis, and there were over 200 million impressions.

And you have much more to gain by becoming an official Cardio Tennis site. Research shows that the average Cardio Tennis facility had 20 players playing more frequently as a result of the program. Also, 71 percent of Cardio Tennis facilities reported an increase in lesson revenue as a direct result. And 47 percent report an increase in program fees.

Stay tuned as Cardio Tennis is launching a new, improved website. For official Cardio Tennis sites, the new website will feature a passcode-protected section to receive new drills, video, special sponsor offers and discounts, and more.

Cardio Tennis Hits the Road!

Tennis Welcome Centers: Growing Strong

The Tennis Welcome Center initiative is going strong, with more than 2,000 official TWCs to date. In 2007, all Cardio Tennis sites were also signed on as TWCs.

How does being a TWC help your business? Research on current TWCs is revealing: The average Tennis Welcome Center brought in 39 new players to tennis, and the average TWC also brought back to tennis 34 former players. In addition, 82 percent of TWCs report an increase in lesson revenue as a result of the initiative.

When it comes to growing your business and your profits, numbers like these are hard to ignore.

Better Your Business Workshops

Featuring the Cardio Tennis model.

Explore programming, customer service, technology, and public relations in this interactive workshop, which can help you increase your business by attracting and retaining more tennis players, and offer solutions to help impact your tennis membership and better your bottom line.

Better Your Business Workshop Schedule:

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Why Become a Tennis Welcome Center or Cardio Tennis Site?

You'll receive great benefits and exposure, and that will translate into bottom-line profits for you! One example is the current Lever 2000 "Try Tennis for Free" promotion, which guides potential players to participating facilities on the website.

And here are more reasons why you should go to to sign up your facility as a Tennis Welcome Center or Cardio Tennis site or a participating Lever 2000 site:

Help grow the game while growing your business!


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