What Drives You?

Every one of the TIA Board Members has passion for the game, and the business of tennis. Here is a sample of what fires them up.

"I've seen hundreds of examples of how tennis has helped kids find the right path, adults take control of their health and fitness, and families bond. The physical, mental and social benefits of the sport are unsurpassed. My passion is bringing new people into the game."

— Kurt Kamperman, USTA

"To me it's continuing the growth of any sport with today's technology and giving the end-user an opportunity to compete at a higher level every day."

— Steve Dunlap, Sports Authority

"The No. 1 focus should be growing the game: The more participation, the more business for all of us."

— David Bone, USRSA

"I get excited about tennis products that make the game easier to play and more enjoyable for the average club player, whether that's technical innovations in racquets, balls or accessories."

— Kai Nitsche, Dunlop Sports Group

"What excites me most are programs that introduce the game to kids, because that's the future of the game."

— Jeff Williams, Miller Sports Group

"We get to help people have fun playing tennis and staying healthy at the same time. How great a job is that."

— John Welborn, Lee Tennis

"The people in this industry are probably the most friendly and cooperative in doing what's right in the sport that I've ever met. You just don't run into that often."

— John Graham, DecoTurf


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