ITA endows achievement award

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The ITA Achievement Award will now be officially recognized as the ITA David A Benjamin Achievement Award - as made possible by Margie and Stan Smith. The announcement of the endowment of the ITA David A Benjamin Achievement Award took place Saturday at the International Tennis Hall of Fame Board Meeting at the Grand Hyatt New York.

“The extraordinary legacy gift from Margie and Stan Smith to the ITA, in honor of our good friend and colleague David Benjamin, symbolizes all that is great about college tennis - the rich history of the sport, the intersection between the best in higher education and on-court competition - and celebrates lives of service,” said ITA CEO Timothy Russell.

Now in its 22nd year, the ITA Achievement Award pays tribute each year to past participants in the world of varsity tennis who have achieved excellence in their cho­sen careers. The spirit of the award honors both professional success and contributions to society, made either as a direct result of a career, or through humanitarian efforts.

“College tennis would not be where it is today if not for David’s 36 years of leadership,” said ITHF President Stan Smith. “The ITA created so many aspects of what is college tennis today, including: major tournaments, college rankings, the College Tennis Hall of Fame, year-end awards, a Coaches Board of Directors and the annual Convention. Both Margie and I feel strongly about the importance of education and college tennis. This award celebrates that combination in the most profound way.”

John Bridgeland, alumnus of the Harvard University Class of 1982 and the University of Virginia School of Law Class of 1987, was this year’s ITA Achievement Award recipient, honored earlier on Saturday in a ceremony hosted by the ITHF and presented by Rolex Watch, U.S.A. Bridgeland received a personally engraved Rolex timepiece from Mounia Mechbal, Vice President of Communications of Rolex Watch U.S.A., and was invited to watch a session of the 2015 U.S. Open from the President’s Box, courtesy of the USTA. He will also be recognized at the ITHF’s Legends Ball on Saturday evening.


2015 John Bridgeland — Harvard University, 1982
2014 Lynn Tilton — Yale University, 1981
2013 Roger Crawford — Loyola Marymount University, 1982
2012 General Ann E. Dunwoody — State University of New York at Cortland, 1975
2011 Jon D. Erickson — University of Michigan, 1959
2010 Robert A Swift — Haverford College, 1968
2009 John L. Thornton — Harvard University, 1976
2008 Sheridan Snyder — University of Virginia, 1958
2007 Dr. Geoffrey Tabin — Yale University, 1978
2006 Thomas Cundy — Florida State University, 1955
2005 Steve Appleton — Boise State University, 1982
2004 Dr. George Fareed — University of California, 1966
2003 Gene Sperling — University of Minnesota, 1982
2002 Jack Blanton, Sr. — University of Texas, 1947
2001 Patricia Beckford Acheson — Queens College, 1972
2001 Judge Gerald E. Rosen — Kalamazoo College, 1973
2000 Dr. Ruth M. Haude — Indiana State (PA), 1958
2000 Dr. Michael P. Johnson — Clark University, 1979
1999 Christine Grant — Swarthmore College, 1969
1999 Governor Pedro Rossello — University of Notre Dame, 1966
1998 Lieutenant Colonel Gail Allen — Air Force Academy, 1982
1998 Dr. William Bowen — Denison University, 1955
1997 Dr. Bert Vogelstein — University of Pennsylvania, 1981
1997 Lisa Hoffstein — University of Pennsylvania, 1981
1996 Roger B. Porter — Brigham Young University, 1969
1996 Wilma A. Lewis — Swarthmore College, 1978
1995 Dr. Rebecca Birchmore Campen — University of Georgia, 1963
1995 Senator John Breaux — University of Southwestern Louisiana, 1964
1994 Judge Peggy Brenden — Luther College, 1976
1994 Athan James Shaka — Harvey Mudd College, 1980


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