GAMMA's new EZ Basket

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) is now shipping the Ballhopper® EZ Basket™ 150, a lightweight ball pick-up basket, designed as a companion product to the popular Ballhopper EZ Travel Cart® 150.

The EZ Basket 150 integrates the functionality of a ball basket with a teaching cart, allowing a teaching pro, coach or player to quickly pick up tennis balls, set the EZ Basket 150 into the EZ Travel Cart 150 frame and start feeding balls immediately. The patent pending EZ Basket 150 design features a durable nylon bag over a lightweight steel frame and a padded handle. The bottom of the EZ Basket 150 is constructed of powder coated steel wires, similar to a traditional ball pick-up basket, for fast and easy ball pick-up. The handle can be quickly removed for transport and storage.

“The EZ Basket 150 is a natural fit for EZ Travel Cart 150 users,” said Tom Sullivan, Product Manager. “By integrating a ball-pickup with a teaching cart we’ve eliminated one piece of equipment making lessons more efficient and simplifying travel between locations.”



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