Gamma Adds to Zo Polyester String Line

Pittsburgh, PA — Gamma Sports (GAMMA) has released two new co-polyester strings, Zo Verve and Zo Black Ice, that are designed with a combination of materials that maintain tension and play more consistent than mono-polyester strings.

GAMMA Zo Verve has a unique two-part construction consisting of a red high-energy co-polyester core and three diamond-shaped black filaments of high molecular weight polyester providing maximum spin and durability. The result is a string for hard-hitting players who want maximum power, greater spin and deeper more penetrating shots. The three black polyester filaments protrude from the surface of the string to provide additional spin. For images of Zo Verve, visit the GAMMA gallery on Facebook (

GAMMA Zo Black Ice is a co-polyester string that offers tremendous ball bite for hard-hitting players looking for consistency, more spin and greater accuracy. For images of Zo Black Ice, visit the GAMMA gallery on Facebook ( “Zo Verve is a blend of stiff and soft materials so it strings tight, maintains tension and plays like a poly but gives the player more power, exceptional spin and control for deeper shots,” said Chuck Vietmeier, Product Manager. “Zo Black Ice co-polyester construction maintains tension longer for more consistent play over the life of the string.


GAMMA is the industry leader in the development of performance processed tennis string. GAMMA goes beyond materials and construction, utilizing proprietary and patented gamma irradiation and TNT2 processing to fine-tune playability, durability and feel. GAMMA Performance Processing results in string that performs like no other and can be fit to a player’s ability level and preference. GAMMA markets and sells an entire line of over 5,000 products including GAMMA racquets, racquet accessories, tennis balls, grips and overgrips, vibration dampeners, BallhopperĀ® products, court equipment, and 10 and & Under Tennis (QuickStart and Play N’ Stay) teaching aids, all engineered to the same exacting standards as the string product line. For additional information on Gamma Sports’ products, go to


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