Ashaway Again the Official String of USAR

Ashaway, RI — Ashaway Racket Strings has been named the official string of USA Racquetball (USAR) for the third time, it was announced today. Ashaway has been the USAR Official String since 2004, and under the current agreement will remain so for an additional two years.

“We are delighted to be able to continue our longstanding support for USAR and the sport of racquetball, and are honored to be named the Official String,” said Steve Crandall, Vice President of Marketing for Ashaway Racket Strings. “As the only US manufacturer of racquet strings, Ashaway has sponsored many amateur and professional racquetball players of all ages and skill levels, including champions such as Jack Huczek.”

Ashaway has offered specialized racquetball strings for more than 25 years, including its popular SuperKill®, PowerKill® and Killfire® lines, and classic MonoKill™ XL polyester monofilament. Recently the company introduced a new line of Zyex®-based UltraKill competition strings. Built on a new multifilament core, UltraKill strings are designed to provide players at all levels with a thinner, more playable string that provides both power and control. The braided surface adds bite and increases spin while the Zyex multifilament core prevents tension loss for more consistent performance throughout the life of the string.

Said Jim Hiser, Executive Director of USAR, “Ashaway has always been very supportive of the national organization and its grassroots efforts. The support of industry manufacturers like Ashaway is extremely important to the national organization. The support goes beyond monetary input, since Ashaway has been involved in supporting our programs and our mission of promoting grassroots racquetball.”

USAR maintains an active promotional schedule for racquetball, Hiser noted, promoting the sport by video streaming national events and televising their most prestigious events such as the US Open and the National Singles Championship. The organization is also improving and increasing its social media programs and efforts. As the Official String, Ashaway will be able to use the national association in its advertising, and market directly to USAR members through the organization’s newsletters, magazine and website.

Hiser added that interest in racquetball remains high despite the economy. “The response from our state organizations is that participation at local clubs has increased over the past couple years,” he said, “and while our national events have mostly retained entries, in our most prestigious events, (US Open, Collegiates and National Singles) our entrants have actually increased.”


USA Racquetball is the US National Governing Body for the sport of racquetball, recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee. The organization provides opportunities for members and enthusiasts to actively participate in racquetball through sanctioning of events, administration of programs, and development of competitive teams. In addition to hosting the US Open, and the US National Singles and Doubles Racquetball Championships, USAR offers a wide variety of Collegiate and High School programs to support and promote the sport.

Ashaway Racket Strings are made by Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co., the only U.S. manufacturer of string for squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Operated by the Crandall family since 1824, Ashaway has been making racquet strings since 1949, and is responsible for several important technical innovations. Ashaway is the Official String of USA Racquetball and the Women’s International Squash Players Association. Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. also makes braided products for medical and industrial applications.


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