ITA Announces 2010 Teams for NCAA Division II

SKILLMAN, N.J. — ITA National Senior Players of the Year, Alex Grubin of Concordia and Jenny Chin of BYU-Hawaii highlight the 2010 Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA All-America Teams for Division II men’s and women’s tennis, released today in conjunction with the season-ending Campbell/ITA national singles and doubles rankings.

A player must meet any of the following criteria to earn ITA All-America honors:

Name School S/D
Mikk Irdoja Armstrong Atlantic S, D
Jaclyn Walker Abilene Christian S, D
Eudaldo Bonet Armstrong Atlantic S
Julia Mongin Abilene Christian D
Rafael Array Armstrong Atlantic S, D
Sona Novakova Armstrong Atlantic S, D
Marco Mokryzycki Barry S
Alida Muller-Wehlau Armstrong Atlantic S, D
Ales Svigelj Barry S, D
Martina Beckmann Armstrong Atlantic D
Max Wimmer Barry D
Gabriela Kovacs Armstrong Atlantic D
Frank Suarez Columbus State S
Barbi Pocza Barry S, D
Alex Grubin Concordia S, D
Angie Werschel Barry S
Andrey Boldarev Concordia D
Julia Kashelkina Barry D
David Cotrone Flagler S, D
Yuan Jia BYU-Hawaii S, D
Gino Ramirez Flagler D
Elwen Li BYU-Hawaii S, D
Michael Knoedler Florida Southern S
Jutta Bornefeld Cal of PA S
Dilshod Sharifi Francis Marion S, D
Dora Kiss CSULA S
Oshada Wijemanne Francis Marion S, D
Natalia Ramos FIT S
Paul-Henri Arrigoni Lander S
Senka Softic Florida Southern S
Nandor Solymosi Lees McRae S
Agnese Rozite Florida Southern S
Alessandro Sarra Lynn S, D
Tereza Sykorova Francis Marion S, D
Tomas Racak Lynn S
Sabina Barberadova Francis Marion D
Willi Wolfer Lynn D
Zora Vlckova Hawaii Pacific S
J.C. Diame Ouachita Baptist S
Katerina Jiskrova Lynn S, D
Jeff Morris Rollins S, D
Magdalena Eckert Lynn S, D
Neil Clausen Rollins D
Roshni Luthra Rollins S
Gregory Andrade USC-Aiken D
Margaret Junker Rollins D
Juan Ponce USC-Aiken D
Kayli Ragsdale Rollins D
Philip Pakebusch Valdosta State S, D
Natali Gumbrecht Valdosta State S, D
Daniel Dueren Valdosta State S
Raphaelle Durante Valdosta State S
Michael Kuech Valdosta State D
Hollie Bees Valdosta State D
Kevin Ducros West Florida S, D
Barbera Oliviera West Florida S
Leandro Ferreira West Florida D
Taylor Brewster West Florida D
Caitlyn Baines West Florida D

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final Men’s Singles Top 20)

Rank Player School
1 Mikk Irdoja Armstrong Atlantic
2 Philip Pakebusch Valdosta State
3 Dilshod Sharifi Francis Marion
4 Alex Grubin Concordia
5 Daniel Dueren Valdosta State
6 Alessandro Sarra Lynn
7 Jeff Morris Rollins
8 J.C. Diame Ouachita Baptist
9 Eudaldo Bonet Armstrong Atlantic
10 Paul-Henri Arrigoni Lander
11 David Cotrone Flagler
12 Marco Mokryzycki Barry
13 Kevin Ducros West Florida
14 Michael Knoedler Florida Southern
15 Rafael Array Armstrong Atlantic
16 Tomas Racak Lynn
17 Ales Svigelj Barry
18 Oshada Wijemanne Francis Marion
19 Nandor Solymosi Lees McRae
20 Frank Suarez Columbus State

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final Women’s Singles Top 20)

Rank Player School
1 Yuan Jia BYU-Hawaii
2 Sona Novakova Armstrong Atlantic
3 Alida Muller-Wehlau Armstrong Atlantic
4 Elwen Li BYU-Hawaii
5 Barbi Pocza Barry
6 Natali Gumbrecht Valdosta State
7 Katerina Jiskrova Lynn
8 Zora Vlckova Hawaii Pacific
9 Senka Softic Florida Southern
10 Tereza Sykorova Francis Marion
11 Barbera Oliviera West Florida
12 Roshni Luthra Rollins
13 Angie Werschel Barry
14 Natalia Ramos FIT
15 Magdalena Eckert Lynn
16 Jaclyn Walker Abilene Christian
17 Dora Kiss CSULA
18 Raphaelle Durante Valdosta State
19 Jutta Bornefeld Cal of PA
20 Agnese Rozite Florida Southern

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final Men’s Doubles Top 10)

Rank Player Player School
1 Michael Kuech Philip Pakebusch Valdosta State
2 Rafael Array Mikk Irdoja Armstrong Atlantic
3 Ales Svigelj Max Wimmer Barry
4 Andrey Boldarev Alex Grubin Concordia
5 Neil Clausen Jeff Morris Rollins
6 Alessandro Sarra Willi Wolfer Lynn
7 Kevin Ducros Leandro Ferreira West Florida
8 Dilshod Sharifi Oshada Wijemanne Francis Marion
9 Gregory Andrade Juan Ponce USC-Aiken
10 David Cotrone Gino Ramirez Flagler

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final Women’s Doubles Top 10)

Rank Player Player School
1 Martina Beckmann Alida Muller-Wehlau Armstrong Atlantic
2 Yuan Jia Elwen Li BYU-Hawaii
3 Julia Kashelkina Barbi Pocza Barry
4 Sabina Barberadova Tereza Sykorova Francis Marion
5 Julia Mongin Jaclyn Walker Abilene Christian
6 Magdalena Eckert Katerina Jiskrova Lynn
7 Hollie Bees Natali Gumbrecht Valdosta State
8 Gabriela Kovacs Sona Novakova Armstrong Atlantic
9 Caitlyn Baines Taylor Brewster West Florida
10 Margaret Junker Kayli Ragsdale Rollins

Campbell/ITA College Tennis rankings can be found at


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