2010 US Open National Playoffs Update

Two US Open National Playoffs Sectional Qualifying Tournaments were completed last week, with the USTA Hawaii-Pacific in Waipahu, Hawaii, and USTA Midwest in Cincinnati, Ohio, advancing two men and two women to the US Open National Playoffs - Men’s and Women’s Championships in Atlanta (men) and Stanford, Calif., (women).

Highlights from the USTA Hawaii-Pacific tournament included the match featuring one of the biggest names competing in the US Open National Playoffs - Olympic skier Bode Miller. Miller, a former Maine state singles tennis champion and the most decorated men’s alpine skier in U.S. history, faced Erik S. Nelson-Kortland, 31, of Marina del Rey, Calif., falling, 6-4, 6-2. Nelson-Kortland, who formerly played for Sacramento State, reached the final of the tournament before losing to Ikaika Jobe, 27, of Oahu, 6-3, 6-3. Jobe formerly played for Boise State University and has a relative who competes on the PGA Tour. Current USTA Pro Circuit player and 1998 Easter Bowl finalist Maureen Diaz, 28, of Glendale, Calif., cruised through the women’s draw, losing just 12 games in four matches to win the women’s title.

Highlights from the USTA Midwest Sectional Qualifying Tournament included a women’s final featuring the two youngest competitors and the only two competitors from Canada. Evangeline Repic, of Oakville, Ontario, defeated fellow Ontario native Erin Routliffe, 6-1, 7-5, in the women’s final. Repic, just 37 days younger than Routliffe, reached the semifinals at the All Canadian Junior Tennis Championships in April, and in 2009 was a member of the Canadian team that qualified for the ITF World Junior Tennis Competition (14-and-under). Eric Quigley, 21, of Pewee Valley, Ky., dropped 11 games in five matches en route to the men’s title, defeating Kyle Collette, 21, of Findlay, Ohio, 6-2, 6-2, in the final. Quigley recently completed his sophomore season at the University of Kentucky and was named an All-American in both singles and doubles.

This week’s events:

The next four US Open National Playoffs Sectional Qualifying Tournaments will be hosted by USTA Middle States, in West Windsor, N.J., June 11-15; USTA Southern, in Norcross, Ga., June 12-16; USTA Northern, in Sartell, Minn., June 14-20; and USTA Intermountain in Denver, June 16-20.

Players competing in the USTA Middle States Sectional Qualifying Tournament include:

Players competing in the USTA Southern Sectional Qualifying Tournament include:

Players competing in the USTA Northern Sectional Qualifying Tournament include:

Players competing in the USTA Intermountain Sectional Qualifying Tournament include:


Section Men’s Winner Women’s Winner

USTA Midwest Eric Quigley Evangeline A. Repic Age: 21; Hometown: Pewee Valley, KY Age: 15; Hometown: Oakville, ON

USTA Hawaii-Pacific Ikaika Jobe Maureen Diaz Age: 27; Hometown: Oahu, HI Age: 28; Hometown: Glendale, CA

USTA Florida Olivier Sajous Jan Abaza Age: 23; Hometown: Plantation, FL Age: 15; Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL

USTA Southwest Blake Strode Brittany Augustine Age: 22; St. Louis, MO Age: 18; Hometown: Carson, CA

USTA New England Nolan Paige Rachel Kahan Age: 16; Hometown: Fairfield, CT Age: 17; Hometown: Unionville, CT

USTA Northern California Chris Wettengel Romana Tedjakusuma Age: 28; Hometown: Bentonville, AR Age: 33; Hometown: Tracy, CA

USTA Mid-Atlantic Thibaut Charron Eleanor Peters Age: 23; Hometown: Sens, France Age: 21; Hometown, Washington DC

USTA Southern California Cecil Mamiit Kaitlyn Christian Age: 33; Hometown: S. Pasadena, CA Age: 18; Hometown: Orange, CA

USTA Missouri Valley Dante Cipulli Megan Falcon Age: 28; Hometown: Kansas City, MO Age: 24; Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

USTA Eastern Nikita Kryvonos Katerina Sevcikova Age: 23; Hometown: Flushing, NY Age: 28; Hometown: Yonkers, NY


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