Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Guest Edits and Graces the Cover of ESPN The Magazine

NEW YORK—(BUSINESS WIRE)—After her impressive return to competition at the French Open, Maria Sharapova took on another challenge - editing ESPN The Magazine’s third-annual Revenge of the Jocks issue. In the current issue of The Mag, on newsstands today, Sharapova details how she would fix women’s tennis, and shows readers what she did while rehabbing her shoulder for eight months. In addition, she dispenses life advice to fellow jocks, and gives a NFL-caliber makeover to rookie QB Matthew Stafford. Check out video of Sharapova and Stafford here.

Sharapova on changing women’s tennis:

“The players’ lounge isn’t a nightclub, either. It’s hard to get ready for a match when there’s a bleached-out blonde in six-inch stilettos and a denim miniskirt hanging out. Who is this person, and why is she here?” “Limit on-court injury timeouts to two per season. I’ve asked for a trainer twice in my career, but I’ve played against girls who call for an injury timeout in every match. They’re just buying time; it’s laughable.” Sharapova on Stafford:

“I could tell (Matthew Stafford) felt a little weird about being fussed over, for good reason: when he took off his jeans, I noticed his boxers. The new face of a franchise, maybe a league, in boxers?! ‘C’mon, Matthew,’ I said. ‘Brady wouldn’t be caught dead in those.’”

The jocks continue to take over the issue in “I’m Not the Guy I Used To Be…” when NASCAR’s elite discuss Tony Stewart’s transition form ultimate hothead to “Mr. Nice-Guy.”

Kevin Harvick on Stewart: “It is one thing to apologize because you have to. It is another thing entirely to apologize because you really, truly mean it. That’s the sign of a changed man. We always respected Tony as a racer, even if he pissed us off. Now we respect him as a person, too. Anyone who doesn’t just isn’t paying attention.” David Reutimann on Stewart: “I was so mad at him, I could spit. I won, and that night the first congratulatory call I got was from Tony. Hard to stay mad then, huh?” Who would be the number one pick in the 2009 NBA Draft if players had the final say? The Magazine finds out in “I’ll Tell You Who I’d Take” as current ballers weigh in on which draft prospects they’d like as their newest teammate.

Los Angeles Clipper Ricky Davis selects Blake Griffin with the first pick: “He can give us a boost right away because he fits our style. He can step out and face bigs, and he can get inside. It’s time for a change, and a No.1 pick is the change we’re looking for.” Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love, selects Brandon Jennings with the sixth pick: “I admire his passing, and I’ve been on the good—and bad—end of ones that resulted in dunks. Plus, he’s a lefty, which makes him unorthodox and a tough matchup.” New York Knicks Quentin Richardson selects Stephen Curry with the eighth pick: “Curry led the nation in scoring. He’s smart and fits perfectly in our system. He may be a bit small (6’3”, 185) but the dude is a giant on the court. He played with his pops, Dell, when he was a kid and really learned from him. Dell was a killer from outside.” ADDITIONAL FEATURES OF THE REVENGE OF THE JOCK ISSUE:

ME, MYSELF AND 9. …Or 12, or 17, or 34. The number doesn’t really matter. What counts is that it’s on a player’s jersey.

JUST TELL ME…HOW DO I GET BACK TO THE SUPER BOWL? Larry Fitzgerald desperately wants another trip to the big game. With advice from pros such as Hines Ward, he might just get there. Fitzgerald begins his quest to Super Bowl XLIV.

BACKUP PLAN. What happens if the pro career doesn’t work out? Imagine a 6’6” defensive end as a counselor for Parks and Rec or a star soccer player flipping pizzas instead of goals. The Magazine made it happen.

BESIDES THE POINT. Chair-balancing and bubble-blowing don’t win titles. But a useless talent can be key to surviving the grind.

MY PERFECT DAY. Hunter Pence of the Houston Astros documents his life for two weeks and shares everything with The Magazine including why chess is better than cards.

YOU’VE GOT MY VOTE. A Hall of Fame without Richard Dent? An outrage, says Dwight Freeney. And he’s not the only current star demanding another look for a longtime idol.

THIS JUST IN. Brian Grant has been on a rollercoaster ride since retiring from basketball. He writes about life after the pros and his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis.


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