Job for Tennis Court of Trumbull Tennis Courts of Trumbull Chooses Cushion Extreme

When Ed Pagano, Owner of Tennis Courts of Trumbull, CT. wanted to convert his existing indoor “har tru” courts over to all weather cushion courts, he knew he had a tough task ahead of him. That was until Tom Hinding, owner of Hinding Tennis suggested to Ed that he could go right over his existing “har tru” courts with his patented Cushion Extreme Court. Hinding told Pagano that they could lay a geo-textile fabric down and pour his Cushion System right on the fabric. This eliminated the costly expense of paving the courts. The job took 12 days and the results were fantastic. “This is cushion we can fell, our members love it”, explained Pagano. “We couldn’t be any happier”.

To learn more about Cushion Extreme, contact Tom Hinding @ or Call 203-410-6090.



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