ITA Announces 2009 All-America Teams for NCAA Division I Tennis

SKILLMAN, N.J. — NCAA singles champions Mallory Cecil of Duke and Devin Britton of Mississippi highlight the 2009 Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) All-America Teams for Division I men’s and women’s tennis, released today in conjunction with the season-ending Campbell/ITA national singles and doubles rankings.

Both Cecil and Britton captured the NCAA singles titles on Monday in College Station, TX. It was the first time two freshmen won the men’s and women’s NCAA singles titles in the same year. Britton became just the third freshman to capture award as a frosh while Cecil became the seventh since the current format was adopted in 1977. Both champions spent the previous five years training at the Nick Bollettieri Academy in Bradenton, Florida and entered college in January.

Also highlighting this year’s teams are NCAA doubles champs Mari Andersson and Jana Juricova from California and Dominic Inglot and Michael Shabaz from Virginia.

A player must meet any of the following criteria to earn ITA All-America honors:


  1. Top 16 seed in NCAA Singles Championships, or;
  2. Reach round of 16 in NCAA Singles Championships, or;
  3. Finish in the Top 20 of the final ITA Rankings.


  1. Top eight seed in NCAA Doubles Championships, or;
  2. Reach quarterfinals of NCAA Doubles Championship, or;
  3. Finish in Top 10 of final ITA Rankings

2009 ITA All-America Teams

Division I Men’s Tennis

(S - Singles, D - Doubles)

Bruno Agostinelli Kentucky (S)
Omar Altmann Pepperdine (S, D)
Jean-Yves Aubone Florida State (S)
Bassam Beidas Pepperdine (D)
Jonas Berg Mississippi (S, D)
Devin Britton Mississippi (S)
Arnau Brugues Tulsa (S)
Alex Clayton Stanford (S)
Clay Donato North Carolina (D)
Robert Farah USC (S, D)
Taylor Fogleman North Carolina (D)
Steven Foreman Wake Forest (D)
Guillermo Gomez Georgia Tech (S)
Jamie Hunt Georgia (D)
Dominic Inglot Virginia (S, D)
Dean Jackson San Diego (S)
Steve Johnson, USC (S, D)
Bryan Koniecko Ohio State (S)
Austin Krajicek Texas A&M (D)
Dimitar Kutrovsky Texas (S)
Denes Lukacs Baylor (S)
Steven Moneke Ohio State (S)
Oleksandr Nedovyesov Oklahoma State (S)
Cory Parr Wake Forest (S, D)
John-Patrick Smith Tennessee (S, D)
Conor Pollock Texas A&M (S,D)
Tim Puetz Auburn (D)
Bruno Rosa Rice (S)
Davey Sandgren Tennessee (D)
Nate Schnugg Georgia (S, D)
Sanam Singh Virginia (S)
Michael Shabaz Virginia (D)
Neal Skupski LSU (D)
Blake Strode Arkansas (S)
Bram ten Berge Mississippi (D)
Alexey Tysrenov Auburn (D)
Daniel Vallverdu Miami (S)
Michael Venus LSU (S, D)
Jay Weinacker NC State (S)

Division I Women’s Tennis

(S - Singles, D - Doubles)

Mari Andersson California (D)
Hilary Barte Stanford (S, D)
Josipa Bek Clemson (S, D)
Marrit Boonstra Florida (S)
Csilla Borsanyi Baylor (D)
Lenka Broosova Baylor (D)
Lindsay Burdette Stanford (D)
Mallry Cecil Duke (S)
Fani Chifchieva Auburn (S)
Julia Cohen Miami (S)
Bianca Eichkorn Miami (S)
Megan Falcon LSU (S)
Irina Falconi Georgia Tech (S)
Amanda Fink USC (D)
Kristy Frilling Notre Dame (D)
Nadja Gilchrist Georgia (D)
Laura Gioia Furman (S)
Sophie Grabinski North Carolina (D)
Chelsey Gullickson Georgia (S, D)
Ina Hadziselimovic Clemson (D)
Michaela Hein Arizona State (D)
Jana Juricova California (S, D)
Renata Kucerkova Fresno State (D)
Lauren Lui Northwestern (D)
Sanaz Marand North Carolina (S, D)
Kelcy McKenna Arizona State (S, D)
Ani Mijacika Clemson (S, D)
Aurelija Miseviciute Arkansas (S)
Maria Mosolova Northwestern (S)
Gabriela Niculescu USC (D)
Ellah Nze Duke (S)
Anastasia Petukhova Fresno State (D)
Natalie Pluskota Tennessee (D)
Andrea Remynse UCLA (D)
Georgia Rose Northwestern (D)
Nina Munch-Soegaard TCU (S)
Yasmin Schnack UCLA (S, D)
Kelcy Tefft Notre Dame (D)
Laura Vallverdu Miami-FL (S)
Caitlin Whoriskey Tennessee (D)
Keri Wong Clemson (D)
Reka Zsilinszka Duke (S)

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final)

Men’s Singles Top 20

Rank Avg Player School Year
 1 57.58  Oleksandr Nedovyesov  Oklahoma State University  Jr. 
 2 53.61  Arnau Brugues  Univ. of Tulsa  Sr. 
 3 53.28  John-Patrick Smith  University of Tennessee, Knoxville  So. 
 4 52.54  Bruno Agostinelli  University of Kentucky  Sr. 
 5 50.66  Robert Farah  Univ. of Southern California  Jr. 
 6 50.29  Steven Moneke  Ohio State University  Sr. 
 7 48.93  Michael Venus  Louisiana State University  Sr. 
 8 48.69  Denes Lukacs  Baylor University  Jr. 
 9 47.03  Bryan Koniecko  Ohio State University  Sr. 
 10 42.83  Nate Schnugg  University of Georgia  Jr. 
 11 37.57  Cory Parr  Wake Forest University  Sr. 
 12 37.5  Guillermo Gomez  Georgia Tech  So. 
 13 36.46  Blake Strode  Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville  Sr. 
 14 35.71  Dimitar Kutrovsky  Univ. of Texas at Austin  Jr. 
 15 35.59  Dominic Inglot  University of Virginia  Sr. 
 16 35.15  Daniel Vallverdu  Univ. of Miami (Florida)  Sr. 
 17 34.48  Conor Pollock  Texas A&M University  Sr. 
 18 34.05  Alex Clayton  Stanford University  So. 
 19 33.56  Devin Britton  Univ. of Mississippi  Fr. 
 20 31.64  Jean-Yves Aubone  Florida State University  Jr.

Campbell/ITA College Tennis Rankings (Final)

Women’s Singles Top 20

Rank Avg Player School Year 
 1 61.88  Mallory Cecil  Duke University  Fr. 
 2 56.73  Maria Mosolova  Northwestern University  So. 
 3 54.14  Aurelija Miseviciute  Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville  Sr. 
 4 50.54  Ani Mijacika  Clemson University  Jr. 
 5 50.29  Julia Cohen  Univ. of Miami (Florida)  So. 
 6 49.13  Chelsey Gullickson  Univ. of Georgia  Fr. 
 7 47.8  Marrit Boonstra  University of Florida  So. 
 8 44.48  Jana Juricova  California  Fr. 
 9 43.86  Hilary Barte  Stanford   Fr. 
 10 41.81  Laura Vallverdu  Univ. of Miami (Florida)  Jr. 
 11 41.26  Kelcy McKenna  Arizona State University  So. 
 12 39.25  Irina Falconi  Georgia Tech  Fr. 
 13 36.51  Josipa Bek  Clemson University  Fr. 
 14 36.1  Megan Falcon  Louisiana State University  Sr. 
 15 35.11  Fani Chifchieva  Auburn University  Jr. 
 16 31.86  Melanie Gloria  Fresno State  Sr. 
 17 31.33  Laura Gioia  Furman University  Sr. 
 18 31.06  Yasmin Schnack  UCLA  So. 
 19 30.43  Sanaz Marand  North Carolina  So. 
 20 27.47  Reka Zsilinszka  Duke University  So.


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