Prince Adds New Performance String and Grips to 2009 Product Line

Bordentown, New Jersey — While ground-breaking news like the recent introduction of the Prince EXO3 racquet line tends to steal the spotlight when it comes to new product offerings, there is the rare instance when new string and grips can make a significant impact on the tennis market. For Prince, 2009 will see major changes in its string and grip categories — the introduction of proprietary high-performance technologies and production processes in both categories, combined with a global packaging and segmentation re-fresh will give players a new look and easy-to-follow choices when it comes to finding the right accessories. After all, it has been noted that while having the right racquet is crucial for on-court success, managing and maintaining the right string and grip can, in many cases, be the difference between winning and losing.

“What we have brought to market this year has the potential to make a significant impact on the string and grip landscape,” said John Embree, President of Prince Sports. “In addition to introducing new products with high-performance features in a revamped packaging, we have taken the steps necessary to re-organize our segmentation which will make it easier for players to find the perfect product for their game.”


“We took a good, long look at the current string market and made some decisions that will turn heads in terms of elevating each segments’ performance and put the consumer at the center when it comes to finding the right string and grip,” said Dave Malinowski, Global Business Director for Strings, Grips, Machines and Bags at Prince. “We are fortunate to have the hottest new line of racquets in the game with EXO3 — providing us the perfect vehicles to introduce players and coaches to our new performance string and grip offerings.

The NEW Prince string segmentations will classify product in the following four distinct series:

  1. Ultimate
  2. Playability
  3. Endurance
  4. All-Around

Ultimate Series: Top of the line premium products; flagship technologies

Playability Series: Multi-filament strings that are softer, easier on the arm in mid to upper price points

Endurance Series: Taking durability to a new level of performance through the use of a new co-extrusion technology which allows Prince to combine different poly materials in any percentage combinations to make the perfect string for the serious player’s needs.

All-Around Series: Developed for players looking for balance between playability, durability and cost.


“Similar to our approach with strings, 2009 will see some of our most advanced grip technologies to date — three of which will be paired with models in the new EXO3 line,” said Malinowski. “From tip to grip, players will be able to outfit themselves with the best products to complement their racquets.”

Here is a look at some of the new/featured Grips for 2009:

Replacement Grips


STRINGS Series Gauge Colors Availability
Natural Gut Ultimate 16 and 17 Natural Jan. 2009
Recoil Ultimate 16 and 17 White Jan. 2009
Premier LT Playability 16 and 17 Natural Jan. 2009
Poly EXP Endurance 16, 17 and 18 Optic Yellow Jan. 2009
Twisted Endurance 16L Black/White, Black/Yellow, Blue White Jan. 2009
Hybrid Power EXP Endurance 17/16 Optic Yellow & Natural Jan. 2009
Hybrid Spin EXP Endurance 18/17 Optic Yellow & Natural Jan. 2009
GRIPS Type Colors Quantity Availability
Premium Leather Replacement Tan/Calfskin 1/package; 6/box Jan. 2009
ResiPro Replacement Black/Silver, Black/Yellow 1/package, 12/box Jan. 2009
ResiSoft Replacement Black/Silver 1/package; 12/box Jan. 2009
MicroSplat Overgrip Blue, Yellow, Green 3/package; 12/box; 56/jar Jan. 2009
DuraDry+ Overgrip Charcoal 3/package; 12/box Jan. 2009


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