Public Can Now Find Local Tennis Pro Shops and Specialty Stores Online Across the Nation is a search website for tennis consumers to connect and work with local Tennis pro shops and specialty stores. Pro Shop and Store owners just need to register their store and they will be part of a search network. Potential customers will hear about through advertising in Tennis Magazine and shop owners who use the bumper sticker for their vehicle in their local community.

The Tennis Consumer benefits by working with local tennis industry professionals who can help guide them through the vast equipment options. After the consumer enters in their zip code, the results will show which stores are available, distance, map/directions and contact information. Results also show what products and brands that particular store sells.

The Tennis Shop owner benefits tremendously with their membership fee ($175). The owner will instantly have an internet presence. By advertising in the shops area, the store should see increased traffic. The website provides easy directions and contact information to get to the shop owners store. The membership fee goes towards advertising in Tennis Magazine. The advertising will be right in there competing with the online retailers in Tennis Magazine’s Market Place section. Advertising will focus on the benefits of shopping locally with your community tennis stores. As a bonus gift, the newly registered shop/store owner receives two bumper sticker/decals to help promote the site in their area.

Once there are 1000 stores registered, advertising in Tennis Magazine will be monthly. As small pro shops or tennis stores, besides your regular customers, does the public really know you exist? The goal of is to increase the business of every store that is part of the network. There are many “new consumers” out there that make bad choices because they didn’t get the right help.


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