Ektelon Unveils Three New O3 Racquets

Bordentown, NJ — Racquetball players everywhere are already buzzing about the never-before-seen racquet customization offerings incorporated into Ektelon’s three new O3 racquets. The sport’s technology leader is proud to officially announce the introduction of the O3 Copper, O3 White and O3 Ruben Gonzalez (RG) — each of which incorporates the company’s new, patented Total Racquet Customization offerings. Total Racquet Customization provides players the opportunity to personally fine-tune the racquet depending on power, stability, weight, and balance preferences and makes Ektelon the only company to truly put players in complete control of their racquet and game.

Beginning this July, all three racquets will be available to consumers and will come complete with a set of four Power Plugs and in the case of the O3 Copper, Power Ring Inserts as well.

“This is an incredible, breakthrough offering for racquetball players, “said Scott Winters, General Manager at Ektelon. “Customization is a huge story. We know each player has his own personal preference when it comes to how power, weight and balance are incorporated into the racquet. With the customization options built into these three different O3 frames, players can now tweak an already incredible racquet into something even greater — depending on what they like best or need most.”

How it works:

Clearly marked, small, thermoplastic “Power Plugs “can be inserted directly into the 12 o’clock O-ports to change the weight and balance of the frame. Every two plugs inserted increases the racquets power level by 100 points and its weight by 3 grams.

In addition to Power Plugs, each O3 Copper will come with two inter-changeable throat pieces called Power Ring Inserts that will allow players the opportunity to string the racquet four different ways! The Power Ring Inserts help customize the string bed for maximum power, added control and additional string life.

Each of the three O3 racquets offers unique features:

* The O3 Copper is a Super Widebody frame and is the most powerful of the three. It comes complete with a set of Power Plugs and Power Ring Inserts as well as a customization kit.
* The O3 White, the racquet of choice for Rocky Carson, is also a Super Widebody frame, and comes with Power Plugs to help add weight, power and dictate balance.
* The O3 Ruben Gonzalez (RG), designed in partnership with one of the game’s greatest legends, is Ektelon’s lightest O3 racquet ever made and comes complete with Power Plugs and an autographed souvenir head cover

“Power is the name of the game and O3 technology on its own is amazing. But offering additional ways to fine-tune the racquet to gain additional power while dictating balance and weight is incredible,” said Carson. “These small inserts add huge benefits and it is hard to now imagine my racquet without them. I have found that using two power plugs gives me just the right combination of power, stability and balance I need to succeed on tour! Ektelon has again taken into consideration the needs of players and raised the bar in terms of racquet offerings and innovations.”

About the Racquets:

O3 Copper:

* Super Widebody frame
* Weight — 190g,
* Includes Power Plugs, Power Ring Inserts and Customization Kit.
* Power Level 3300-3500.
* Retail Price $229.99

O3 White:

* Super Widebody frame
* Weight — 170g
* Includes Power Plugs
* Power Level 3200-3400.
* Retail Price $199.99

O3 Ruben Gonzalez signature model:

* Weight — 165g
* Includes Power Plugs and special souvenir head cover.
* Power Level 2750-2950
* Retail Price $199.99

These racquets will be available at sporting goods stores or wherever racquets are sold. To learn more about Ektelon, O3 Technology or to find out more about racquet customization, log onto

About Ektelon

Based in Bordentown, New Jersey, Ektelon is a division of Prince Sports, Inc. Ektelon has enjoyed the longest, most successful reign of dominance in the sport of racquetball. Ektelon’s heritage includes the introduction of more revolutionary technologies and programs to the sport of racquetball than any other company. Ektelon innovations include oversized racquetball racquets, the Racquet Taper System (RTS), Power Ring® racquets and Total Racquet Customization among others. For more information please contact us at 800-283-2635 or log onto our website at


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